Benefits of Affiliating with UBSpa

Why become a UBSpa therapist?
UBSpa creates the opportunity for therapists to generate additional income, manage your own schedule, be your own boss and receive payments from your services on weekly basis. The therapist decides when and how many hours they work. You are the owners of your time and choose the availability to work that functions best for you.

What do you need to become a UBSpa therapist?

  • We are looking for committed and professional therapists looking to generate extra income in your available time.
  • A smartphone to download the App once you have been approved to become part of UBSpa.
  • A means of transportation: UBSpa does not require your own vehicle – you may also use a taxi or friend or family member to drive you to your appointments. We only require your commitment to attend to the appointments you have previously confirmed based on your availability.
  • Experience, in either comparable work or accredited studies.
  • Your own work equipment, in good condition.
  • To fulfill the requirements and application process requested by UBSpa (beginning with a scheduled interview).

Rates and Commissions:
Rates are established by area and cities, with the objective of being competitive in the market. The App identifies the location of the service to set the pricing for it. This alliance seeks to generate a win-win condition for the therapist as they receive the highest net percentage of service fees paid by clients in that area. With UBSpa, your payments are deposited weekly in the bank account which you designate.

UBSpa is committed to providing work opportunities for all therapists who are interested in generating additional income through this App.

We live in a practical world that increasingly looks for convenience – and Apps and social networks are a core part of it. With the UBSpa App, therapists will be able to see their rapidly increasing income, confirm services, control their schedule, availability, and reservations, and generate statements for provided services.

In exchange for providing you with the ability to be a part of this app, we deduct an annual fee of $200 pesos (the first year is free) 


Etiquette and Conduct
At UBSpa we uphold a code of professional conduct and ethics at all times. Respect and professionalism in our services – together with punctuality, quality, responsibility and courtesy – are the foundations of our company culture. We provide only services of a professional nature – and NOT sexual services of any kind. The client has the ability to review the service at its conclusion, and likewise, you will be able to comment on the client.

Selecting Our Therapists:

To be a part of UBSpa, therapists must first provide their full legal credentials, as well as pass a series of theoretical and practical exams. Therapists are also required to undergo our pre-selection process which includes a thorough review of both personal and work references. Work equipment will be examined to ensure it conforms to our criteria for quality condition for providing services. Therapists must also follow the established standards and guidelines of UBSpa.

At the conclusion of the service, the Client will be able to rate the work done: (appearance, performance, equipment, etc.). Therapists with the highest positive rating scores will be given preferential positioning within the app. Should a therapist receive three negative ratings, UBSpa has the right to block the therapist’s access to the app. We only want to have the very best on our team.

Privacy and Security
The app enables UBSpa to identify the location of the Therapist via GPS. There is a check-in—check-out process to be followed, as part of the App, before and after providing each service.

Information is completely protected. We appreciate the confidence given to us by our clients, and it is our responsibility, together with the therapist’s, to respect this confidence by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of that information.

Check-In – Check-Out
Once the therapist has arrived at the designated location for providing the service, you will register your arrival and departure time through a check-in -- check-out feature of the App. This allows UBSpa to always know your location—for your security—as well as your punctuality and the duration of the service.

Procedures and protocols to follow
Once you have been accepted into UBSpa, you will commit to following the established procedures and protocols of the company. Our goal is to achieve a standard of excellence in all massages and treatments provided to ensure the best quality of services to our clients.

Our objective is to position UBSpa as the best option for our users.