How it works?

The App Works in the following way:

- Download the App

- Indicate your location, choose the date, time, service of your preference, and the general information that is required to be able to identify you. Important to specify the gender: FEMALE or MALE therapist.

- You may choose 1 therapist for one or more services in the selected period of time or from 2 or more therapists at the same time for the selected period of time. Important all services are subject to therapist’s availability. As you know all services are pre-paid and there is a time limit in order to confirm your service(s) in case that one of the services is not confirmed by a therapist, our customer service department will get in touch with you.

- UBSpa is a serious, legal and professional Company, you as a client will always have our support.

- We accept VISA/MASTERCARD/PAYPAL (AMEX). Payments in cash are not authorized only the tip must be in cash directly with the therapist at your own discretion and it’s optional.

- Once the reservation is confirmed by the available therapist you will receive a notification with the picture of the therapist and the description of the data of your reservation.

- The therapist will arrive 20 to 30 min in advance to your location, in case of any type of delay UBSpa will get in touch with you for additional information for your location.

- Once the therapist arrives at your location she/he must send a notification via app once the service starts and when is final. This procedure is for quality control.

- You will be able to rate your therapist and provide a feedback of your experience.

- Please keep in mind that our services are 100% professional and strictly therapeutic. (No Sexual Behavior). The therapist is also able to rate the quality of the client and it’s behavior.

- In case you decide last minute on more services, everything must be reserved via app, and your therapist will assist you in the process.

- UBSpa is available in Bahia de Banderas & Puerto Vallarta, more cities in a close future,


Help us to rate your experience and the quality of your service. This makes us finalize the process of the payment of our therapist and helps us with quality control always keeping in mind your comfort.

Our main purpose is to offer you the best Spa experience to the comfort of your home. The purpose of this App is to be a provider of the income of all Therapist, to achieve an international standardization of quality and product. it is a win-win situation.

Are you ready to join UBSpa! Welcome to Universal Balance SPA