About Us


Count on the backing of a team of dedicated professionals in the SPA industry behind your UBSpa experience. We ensure the highest standards of service and quality, as our therapists must meet strict selection criteria, as well as take part in ongoing quality reviews and assessments.

We believe that beauty and wellness are one and the same. UBSpa provides you with the opportunity to easily experience and enjoy balance in your life.

Our Story

Creating possibilities for user and therapists Why not? As easy as you request a taxi, package pickup or food or flower delivery, why not be able to request a massage service or beauty treatment? Our desire and goal is to become the link between therapists and clients, to provide singular experiences of relaxation, beauty and wellness.

Our committment

UBSpa is committed to providing services of quality through our standarized offerings. Our team and our technology allow us to focus on maximizing client – and therapist – satisfacion: before, during and after each service.

Our Guarantees


Etiquette and Conduct
At UBSpa we uphold a code of professional conduct and ethics at all times. Respect and professionalism in our services – together with punctuality, quality, responsibility and courtesy – are the foundations of our company culture. Note that we only provide services of a professional – not sexual – nature.

Selecting Our Therapists:
To be a part of UBSpa, therapists must first provide their full legal credentials, as well as pass a series of theoretical and practical exams. They are also required to undergo our pre-selection process which includes a thorough review of both personal and professional references. Work equipment is also regularly examined to ensure it conforms to UBSpa’s criteria for quality and standards of services.

Check in – Check Out
Once the therapist has arrived at your home or vacation villa for your service, their check-in and check-out times must be recorded through the App. This ensures we always know their location, punctuality and duration of the service. We are able to continuously verify their location via our GPS protocol.

If at any time during your appointment you would like an additional service, you must request this directly through the App. This will allow us to confirm the service and ensure its quality – this is a commitment of all of our therapists.

Client Privacy and Security
Before a therapist arrives at your home or vacation villa, you will have the opportunity to review their name and information so that you will always know who you are receiving. We concentrate on the quality and security of your service so that you may simply enjoy a comfortable, professional, and relaxing experience.

Protection of Information
We appreciate the trust given to us by our clients, and it is our commitment and responsibility to respect this confidence by securing the privacy and confidentiality of your personal and financial information.

Procedures and Protocol
Therapists must follow UBSpa’s established procedures and protocols at all times with the objective of providing you with the very best quality service and experience. At the conclusion of your service, you will be given the opportunity to rate the service received. Please help us be the best we can be by sharing your comments and experience with us at the conclusion of your appointment.